Industrial vacant block for sale

4529 SQM vacant block for sale, the block needs clearing and a bit of levelling but offers a large block for interested parties looking for an industrial block.

Zone INl General Industrial
1 Objectives of zone
• To provide a wide range of industrial and warehouse land uses.
• To encourage employment opportunities.
• To minimise any adverse effect of industry on other land uses.
• To support and protect industrial land for industrial uses.

2 Permitted without consent
Environmental protection works; Roads; Water reticulation systems.

3 Permitted with consent
Aquaculture; Depots; Freight transport facilities; Funeral homes; Garden centres; General industries; Hardware and building supplies; Heliports; Industrial training facilities; Kiosks; landscaping material supplies; light industries; Neighbourhood shops; Places of public worship; Rural supplies; Take away food and drink premises; Timber yards; Vehicle sales or hire premises; Warehouse or distribution centres.

This information has been obtained from our vendors and third parties. We make no representations to its accuracy. All computer images, maps and photographs are indicative only. We are merely passing the information on. Interested parties should make their own enquiries.